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Presentation Schedule

Day 3 (7 July, Fri.)

Concurrent Session 5, 6, 7 | APTA Panel Session | Poster Session 5, 6 | Closing Ceremony/Farewell Dinner

"Certificate of Participation       " will be available from the day after the presentation. 

08:00 ~ 

Registration Desk Open

08:30 ~ 10:00

Concurrent Session 5


5.1 Lodging Management/Tourism Marketing [Auditorium]

Moderator: SooCheng (Shawn) Jang (Purdue University, USA)

[54] Examine Hotel Reward Program Benefits Using Fuzzy-Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis [Pengsongze XUE (University of Guelph)*; WooMi JO (University of Guelph); Myongjae LEE (Cal Poly Pomona)]

[81] Does Employee Personality Traits Affect Service Sabotage In The Hotel Industry? Evidence From Taiwan [Chung-Jen WANG (National Pingtung University of Science and Technology)*; Yu-Ren WANG (National Pingtung University of Science and Technology); I-Hsiu YANG (National Sun Yat-sen University)]

[92] How Hotel Employees’ Resilience Capabilities Affect Their Job Crafting And Service Innovation Performance During Covid-19 [Chih-Ching TENG (Fu Jen Catholic University)*; Yu-Min  LIN (Fu Jen Catholic University); Ya-Jen CHENG (Fu Jen Catholic University)]

[147] How Consumer Minimalism Shapes Tourists’  Pro-Environmental Choices [Nan XUE (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)*; Elisa CHAN (The Chinese University of Hong Kong); Lisa WAN (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)]

5.2 Consumer Behavior [Sukhothai 1]

Moderator: Namjo Kim (Hanyang University, Korea)

[116] Examining Tourists’ Ethical Perceptions Of Personal Information Collection When Traveling [Kaiyun WANG (Zhejiang university)*; Tianyu YING (Zhejiang university); Shun YE (Zhejiang University); Shihan MA (Zhejiang University); Linqiang ZHOU (Zhejiang university); Sixiao ZHOU (Zhengjiang University)]

[127] Tourists’ Intention To Participate In Wellness Tourism: Differences By Health Condition And Health Consciousness [Jiao LI (Hokkaido University)*; Han ZHOU (Hokkaido University); Kaige ZHU (Hokkaido University); Juhyeok JANG (Hokkaido University)]

[208] Modeling The Predictors Of Sustainable Consumption Behavior Towards Reduction Of Single Used Plastics” [Jan Racky A MASA (Far Eastern University)*; Richard TABUENA (Far Eastern University]

[174] Go, Go, Go! – Travelling As A Spectator Tourism Motivated By Sports Events Im Generation Y [Robert KISS (I-Shou University)*; Mirko GATI (Corvinus University of Budapest); Kornelia KISS (Budapest Business University); Laszlo KOKENY (Corvinus University of Budapest)]

5.3 Consumer Behavior/Tourism & Hospitality Education [Sukhothai 2]

Moderator: Kwanglim Seo (University of Hawaii, USA)

[176] How To Promote Smart Tourism:  Factors Affecting Inbound Tourists’ Satisfaction With Cashless Payment Usage [Jie YANG (Hokkaido University)*]

[188] The Impact Of Host-Tourist Interaction On Responsible Tourist Behavior: A Case On Macau [Xinnan LIN (Macau University of Science and Technology)*; Jiaxin QUAN (Macau University of Science and Technology); XuanYu ZHU (Macau University of Science and Technology); Jiayu WU (Macau University of Science and Technology)]

[12] Exploring The Impact Of Culinary Sustainability  Intervention For Hospitality Students [Wen-Hwa KO (Fu Jen catholic university)*; Yung-Hsin KO (Fu Jen Catholic University); Min-Yen LU (Fu Jen Catholic University)]

[22] English Education In Travel And Tourism Programs At Japanese Universities And Junior Colleges [Yukinori WATANABE (Sagami Women's University)*]

5.4 Tourism & Hospitality Education [Sukhothai 3]

Moderator: Ignatius Cahyanto (University of Louisiana, USA)

[36] A Study On The Model Comparison Of Multiple Mentoring Functions Scale For Tour Leaders And Guides [Wen-Shiung HUANG (Ling Tung University)*; Yung-Sen LIN (Ling Tung University ); Liang-Han CHANG (National United University); Chiu-Ping TENG (Ling Tung University)]

[46] Sustainability Culinary Competency For Hospitality Students [Min-Yen LU (Fu Jen catholic university); Chen- Jin  LIN (Shanghai International Studies University); Wen-Hwa KO (Fu Jen catholic university)*]

[108] Research On The Influence Mechanism Of Illegitimate Tasks On Hotel Employees' Adaptive Performance—Based On The Cognitive-Affective System Theory [Pengbo LI (Beijing International Studies University); Yina LV (Beijing International Studies University)*; Jing GAO (Beijing International Studies University); Tao CHEN (Beijing International Studies University)]

[170] Exploring The Value Of Taiwanese Consumer Toward Local Specialty Coffee -A Means-End Chain Approach [Tsungpo Bob TSAI (National Chi Nan University); Yan-Da LIN (National Chi Nan University)*]

5.5 Consumer Behavior/Tourism & Hospitality Education [Rhayao 1&2]

Moderator: Daeyoung Kim (University of Missouri, USA)

[196] The Role Of Psychological Resilience In Travel During A Crisis: A Cluster Analysis Approach [Thi Hong Hai NGUYEN (University of Greenwich)*]

[199] Theoretical Examination Of Impulsive Buying And Online Travel Bookings [Dinkar CHUGH (Pondicherry university)*; Sampada SWAIN (Pondicherry University)]

[207] Understanding Influence Of Environmental Education From Students’ Perspective [Elaine Yulan ZHANG (Macau University of Science and Technology)*]

[210] Insights Into Domestic Tourist Movement Patterns Using Volunteered Geographic Information [Yulan YUAN (Tunghai University)*; Ming-Kuang CHUNG (Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica); Bor-Wen TSAI (National Taiwan University)]

10:00 ~ 10:30

Poster Session 5 [Auditorium Foyer]


[153] Suzhou Classical Gardens Virtual Tourism Experience [Le YANG (Silpakorn University)*; Gomesh KARNCHANAPAYAP (Silpakorn University)]

[160] Kapwa: Filipino Systems Dynamics In A Hospitality Exchange [Edgar Allan MENDOZA (University of the Philippines)*; Shirley GUEVARRA (University of the Philippines)]

[161] An Analysis Of The Gaming Industry In The Post-Covid-19 Era -- A Case Study Of Macao [Siyang LIN (Macau University of Science and Technology); Wenxin LEE (Macau University of Science and Technology); Roza Hui ZENG (Macau University of Science and Technology)*; Jia-Xin SONG (Macau University of Science and Technology)]

[164] How Do Social Capital And Psychological Resilience Affect Residents' Subjective Well-Being And Their Attitudes Toward Tourism Impact After Experiencing A Crisis? [Yixuan WANG (Macau University of Science and Technology)*; Baoyi SONG (Macau University of Science and Technology); Huiying LIN (Macau University of Science and Technology); Xinyu LIU (City University of Macau); Xiao Fang LI (City University of Macau)]

[165] A Comparative Study On Perception And Consumption Promotion Plan Of Low-Sodium Convenience Foods By Employees By Type Of Food Company [Jimin LIM (Ewha Womans University )*; Gaeun YEO (Ewha Womans University); Seoyoung CHOI (Ewha Womans University); Jieun OH (Ewha Womans University)]

[167] Understanding Negative Tourism Experiences: Comparing First-Time Overseas Tourists And Repeat Tourists [Haein LEE (Hanyang University)*; Hoon LEE (Hanyang University)]

[18] Exploring The Relationships Between Person-Job Fit And Turnover Intention, Service Performance: The Moderate Effect Of Conscientiousness And Agreeableness [Ian WANG (Tunghai University); Li-Chen CHEN (Shih Chien University); Chih-Hsing LIU (National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology)*]

[P6] Emergence Of Blue Food Market: Comparison Of Nutrient Intakes Between A Consumption Group And A Non-consumption Group Of Fish And Shellfish   [Younghee, SUK (Yonsei University); Sunny, Ham (Yonsei University)]

[101] A Study On The Effect Of K-Food Short Clip Contents On The Tourism Decision-Making Process Of Visiting Korea: Based On The Integrated Model Of Aida Model And Mgb [Zu-Rui YANG (Kunming University)*; Taehwan YOON (Dong-Eui University)]

10:30 ~ 12:00

APTA Panel Session | APTA Genderal Assembly [Auditorium]

12:00 ~ 13:30


13:30 ~ 15:00

Concurrent Session 6


6.1 Destination Management/Tourism & Hospitality Education [Auditorium]

Moderator: Seohee Chang (Sookmyung Women's University, Korea)

[111] Drones And Participatory Mapping To Identify Rural Tourism Vulnerabilities In Indonesia  [Ignatius P. CAHYANTO (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)*, Desideria C.W. MURTI(Atma Jaya University Yogyakarta); Aaron KINGSBURY(Maine Maritime Academy)]

[115] Strengthening Community-Based Tourism In A New Wellness-Based Activity: An Analysis From Supply And Demand Perspectives [Paranee BOONCHAI (Mahasarakham University)*]

[121] Preparing For A Climate Change Influenced Mid Century ‘Next Normal’ [Bruce PRIDEAUX (Prince of Songkla University)*; Pornpisanu PROMSIVAPALLOP (Prince of Songkla University)]

[178] The Use Of English By Nature Tour Guides In National Parks In Japan:  An Interview Survey Of “Licensed Guides” In Shirertoko National Park [Setsuko MIYAMOTO (Sagami Women's University)*; Yukinori WATANABE (Sagami Women's University)]

6.2 Information Technology/Others [Sukhothai 1]

Moderator: Jiyoung Yoon (Sookmyung Women's University, Korea)

[74] The Development Of A Conceptual Model Of Ambassador Behaviour In The Cultural Festivals Sector [Ning KANG (Macau University of Science and Technology)*; Yan FENG ( Macau University of Science and Technology)]

[94] The Effect On Ascribed Responsibility Of Carbon Emissions To Tourist’S Participation Intention In Vco: An Application Of Vip Model [Jungha YOON (Hanyang University)*; Namjo KIM (Hanyang University)]

[105] Effects Of Girlfriend Getaway Tourism On Memorable Tourism Experience, Satisfaction And Well-Being [Jiru ZHANG (Macau University of Science and Technology)*; Jose WONG (Macau University of Science and Technology)]

[204] Exploring The Usage Intention Of Autonomous Delivery Robots For Food Delivery: A Focus On Social Interactivity [Jiyoon (Jennifer) HAN (Washington State University)*; Soobin SEO (Washington State University); Hyun Jeong KIM (Washington State University)]

6.3 Consumer Behavior [Sukhothai 2]

Moderator: Myungkeun Song (Dong-A University, Korea)

[155] Domestic Spiritual Tourists’ Perceived Experiences And Revisit Behavior Intention: Naga Sacred Sites, Thailand Case Study. [Punnatree SUNTISUPAPORN (Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University)* Cheewanan WUTTIPAN (Khon Kaen University); Tanida LAKORNSRI (Mahasrakham University)]

[217] How To Encourage Responsible Travel Behavior In A Natural Heritage Destination: Applying Dsr And Value-Belief-Norm Theory [Namhyun KIM (Dongguk University)*; Woojin LEE (ASU); HeeKyung SUNG (California State University Northridge ); Myung Ja KIM (Kyung Hee University)]

[67] Promotion Of Pro-Poor Tourism: Empathic Distress And Relevant Variables As Factors To Promote Prosocial Behaviors Toward Developing Countries [Masashi WAKASUGI (Hokkaido University)*; Naoya ITO (Hokkaido University)]

[103] Measuring Ethical Experiences From Animal-Based Tourism Online Reviews Using Recurrent Neural Network Analysis [Sojung LEE (Iowa State University)*; SeonJeong ALLY LEE (Purdue University); Sukhwa HONG (University of Hawaii); Eunha JEONG (Iowa State University); Nuri CHOI (Iowa State University)]

6.4 Destination Management [Sukhothai 3]

Moderator: WooMi Jo (University of Guelph, Canada)

[132] Residents’ Experiences Of Touristic Activities And Support For Tourism Development: The Mediating Role Of Percived Tourism Impact [Dai-Duong PHAM (PHENIKAA University)*; Tan VO-THANH (Excelia Business School); Jing YIN'(Wuhan Polytechnic); Ji-Hyun JANG (Dong-A University); Yeong-Hyeon HWANG (Dong-A University)]
[133] The Effects Of Place Attachment And Empathy On Destination Loyalty: Using Place-Oriented And People-Oriented Concepts [Kuo YANG (Macau University of Science and Technology); Sung Hee Ally PARK (Macau University of Science and Technology)*]

[134] Investigating Pull Factors Of Skiers In Nagano, Japan: An Application Of Dynamic Panel Data Model [Yasuo OHE (Tokyo University of Agriculture)*; Hiroki Komatsu (Tokyo University of Agriculture); Daiki KOMATSU (Tokyo University of Agriculture)]

[180] Modeling Cruise Ship Work Readiness: Investigation Of The Moderating Effect Of Self Efficacy On Career Motivation In Cruise Ship Industry [Jan Racky A MASA (Far Eastern University)* Mark ALVERO (Far Eastern University)]

6.5 Tourism Marketing/COVID-19 [Rhayaoi 1&2]

Moderator: Hengyun (Neli) Li (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong)

[144] A Double-Edged Sword Of Tourist-Service Provider  Interaction: A Key To The Co-Creation In Tourism  Experience [Hanwei ZENG (Macau University of Science and Technology); Jaeseok LEE (Gangneung-Wonju National University)*; Chen Kuo PAI (Macau University of Science and Technology); Sangguk KANG (Gangneung–Wonju National University)]

[154] The Effect Of Multiple Forms Of Social Media Usage On Tourists’ Willingness To Pay For Sustainable Agritourism [Chingfang CHEN (National Taiwan University)*]

[181] Do You Trust Travel Influencer? Exploring With Self-Congruity And Functional-Congruity Perspectives [Giun-Ting YEH (National Chi-Nan University)*; You-De DAI(National Chi-Nan University); Wing-In WONG (National Chi-Nan University); Agus WASITA (National Chi Nan University)] 

[17] How To Face The Occupational And Organizational Non-Commitments Derived From Environmental Jolts? A Dual Employee And Organization Examination [Tan Vo-THANH (Excelia Business School)*; Nguyen Phong NGUYEN (University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City); Duy Van NGUYEN (Phenikaa University); Thinh-Van VU (Thuongmai University); Nhat Tan PHAM (International University); Isabelle SUEUR (La Rochelle University)]

15:00 ~ 15:30

Poster Session 6 [Auditorium Foyer]


[175] How To Promote Lohas? A Case Of Coffee Manor [Giun-Ting YEH (National Chi-Nan University )*; You-De DAI (National Chi Nan University); Wing-In WONG (National Chi Nan University); Agus WASITA (Bina Nusantara University)]

[182] The Effect Of Restaurant Atomspheric Stimuli On Customer Intimacy And Behavioral Intentions: Cultural Familiarity As Moderstor [Ziqi WANG (Macau University of Science and Technology)*]

[198] What Matters More In Hotel Guests’ Online Review Ratings?  Assessing The Cultural Difference Between Eastern Vs Western Consumers Using Trip Advisor Data [Jaehee GIM (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)*; Sung In KIM (Hong Kong Polytechnic University); Heewon KIM (Macau University of Science Technology); Soona PARK (Purdue University)]

[205] A Study On The Effect Of Brand Nationality On The Intention To Visit Theme Park  [Sooyong AHN (Choongnam Institute); Byeongcheol LEE (Kyonggi University); Seunghwan LEE (Kongju National University)*]

[218] Sources Of Customer Well-Being In Restaurant Dining Experiences: An Exploratory Study [Hsiang-Fei LUOH (Fu Jen Catholic University)*; Pei-Chun LO (Taipei City University of Science and Technology)]

[220] Tour Guides: Perspectives From Online Reviews [Uraiporn KATTIYAPORNPONG (University of Wollongong)*; Chatchasorn CHUNTAMARA (Rangsit University)]

[221] Optimal Reward Policy For Travelogues  [Wangcheng YAN (Tongji University); Yueye MENG (Shanghai Institute of Tourism); Kwanglim SEO (University of Hawaii at Manoa)]

[P7] Public Policy Issues In Peer-To-Peer Accommodation: A Bibliometric Study [Vorapat CHUTIMA (Chiang Mai University), Pairach PIBOONRUNGROJ (Chiang Mai University); Warattaya CHINNAKUM (Chiang Mai University); Ora-orn POOCHAROEN (Chiang Mai University)]

[P8] Analyzing Seoul Dulle - Gil Passengers' Perceptions And Evaluating Sectional Preferences Using Text Mining [Soomin LEE (Hanyang University); Chul JEONG (Hanyang University)]

15:30 ~ 17:00

Concurrent Session 7


7.1 Tourism Marketing [Auditorium]

Moderator: Joseph Lema (University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA)

[169] The Differences Between Y And Z Generation Behaviour As Gastronomic Tourist In The Digital Era [Suci Sandi WACHYUNI (Gadjah Mada University and Sahid Polytechnic)*; Irwanda Wisnu WARDHANA (National Research and Innovation Agency - Indonesia); Tri Kuntoro PRIYAMBODO]

[173] Evaluation On The Mascot-Designed Of Tourism Destination Image By Using Saussure Semiotics [Chih-Hung WANG (National Taichung University of Education); Yu-Chun YAO (National Taichung University of Education); Shiu-Hua WU (Hsiuping University of Science and Technology)*]

[184] Green Tourism Connotation And New Product Development Strategy [Shao-Chieh LIN (National Chi-Nan University )* Jen-Son CHENG (Shih Chien University)]

[209] Self-Efficacy Toward E-Cny: From Foreign Visitors’ Perspectives [Kyoungmin LEE (Shandong University)*; Jin Young KIM (Kyunghee University); Sohyun YOON (Kyung Hee University)]

7.2 Destination Management/Others [Sukhothai 1]

Moderator: Kuan-Huei Lee (Singapore Institue of Technology, Singapore)

[213] Tourism Cooperation Between China And Thailand: Opportunities, Challenges, And The Influences On Sustainable Tourism Development [Shuyu HOU (Prince of Songkla University)*; Jarumaneerat TATIYAPORN (Prince of Songkla University)]

[185] Tourism Carrying Capacity Of Community Based Ecotourism: Case Study Of Olo-Olo Mangrove Forest, And Eco-Park In Lobo, Batangas, Philippines [Jan Racky A MASA (Far Eastern University); Charlene Jovanne CONSTANTINO (University of Philippines); Katherine SANTOS (University of Philippines)]

[187] The Role Of Entrepreneurial Leadership On Rural Tourism Development [Zhen CHEN (HNU-ASU College Hainan University)*, Ye LIU (HNU-ASU College Hainan University)]

[75] The Effect Of Sport Events Visitors’ Experiential Value On The Flow, Attachment, And Behavior Intention [Chen Kuo PAI (Macau University of Science and Technology); Haoran CHEN (Macau University of Science and Technology); Kuan Ting CHEN (IFTM); Sangguk KANG (Gangneung–Wonju National University)*]

7.3 Tourism Marketing/Lodging Management/Finance & Economics [Sukhothai 2]

Moderator: Perrry Hobson (Breda University, Netherland)

[189] Managing Inequalities As A Result Of The Covid-19 Pandemic: The Case Of Philippine Coffee Stakeholders [Shirley Villosillo-GUEVARRA (University of the Philippines Diliman)*; Aaron THAM (University of Sunshine Coast); Martin  BAZYLEWICH (Swinburne University of Technology); Mei-jung Sebrina WANG (National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism); Emmanuel Kwame OPOKU (National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism)]

[159] Bourdieusian Analysis Of A Hospitality Exchange In An Urban Tourism Destination [Edgar Allan MENDOZA (University of the Philippines)*; Shirley GUEVARRA (University of the Philippines)]

[156] Environmental Practices Of Green-Certified And Non-Green-Certified Accommodation Establishments In Palawan, Philippines [Lynn U DONESA (Far Eastern University)*]

[166]  Inspiring Tourism Imagination: Human Presence In Travel Photographs Facilitates Mental Simulation Of Travel Experiences [Yuan LI (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)*; Lisa WAN (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)]

7.4 Others/Tourism Marketing [Sukhothai 3]

Moderator: Yulan Yuan (Tunghai University, Taiwan)

[109] Hierarchical Evolution Of China’S Marine Tourism Policy  And It’S Effectiveness Analysis [Haifeng WANG (Ocean University of China)*; Jia LIU (Ocean University of China); SooCheong (Shawn) JANG (Purdue University)]

[122] Implications Of Climate Change On Cherry Blossom Viewing And Autumn Foliage Tourism In Tokyo: Evidence From The Holiday Climate Index (Hci) [David A WILLIAMS (Josai International University)*]

[149] Hospitality Asian-Ness And Customer Satisfaction:  A Study Of Hong Kong Hotels [Jason W. M. KELLY (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)*; Amber HU (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University); Staphanie Man Fung LEE (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University); Aojia ZHANGh (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)]

[112] Game-Induced Tourism: A Systematic Literature Review [Seung JEON (Iowa State University)*; Sojung LEE (Iowa State University)]

7.5 Lodging Management/Finance & Economics/Others [Rhayao 1&2]

Moderator: Raymund Gerard Guerrero (University of the Philippines, Philippines)

[191] Impacts Of High-Speed Trains On International Tourist Arrivals To China [Pairach PIBOONRUNGROJ (Chiang Mai University)*; Yuting XUE (Chiang Mai University)]

[4] Does Empowering Leadership Effect Proactive Work Behavior? An Investigation With Hotel Employees [Chung-Jen WANG (National Pingtung University of Science and Technology)*; I-Hsiu YANG (National Sun Yat-sen University); Yu-Ren WANG (National Pingtung University of Science and Technology)]

[192] An Investigation On The Influences Of Personal Norm On Guests’ Electricity Saving Intention And Behavior At Resorts [Van Hao HOANG (PHENIKAA UNIVERSITY)*, Quang Truong NGO (Trade Union University)]

[214] Potential Of Food Products From Kerson (Mutingia Calabura Linn.) Fruit For Enhancement Of Gastronomic Tourism In Roxas City [Lorenzo G. ROJO (Filamer Christian University)*]

17:30 ~ 

Closing Ceremony ! Farewell Dinner [Lanna Ballroom 1]

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