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Presentation Schedule

Day 1 (5 July, Wed.)

TiP Session | Concurrent Session 1 | Poster Session 1, 2 | APTA Graduate Panel Session | Welcome Reception

"Certificate of Participation       " will be available from the day after the presentation. 


11:30 ~ 13:00


13:00 ~ 14:30

Thesis-in-Progress Session


TiP 1. Tourism & Travel 1  [Auditorium]

Commetator: Neha Singh (Cal Poly Pomona, USA), Jaden (Jaehyun) Park (Hong Kong Poly Univ.)

[T2] Assessing The Economic Vulnerability Of Conventional Farmers Versus Agritourism Farmers In Tanzania: A Farm-Efficiency Comparison During The Pandemic [Issa Abrahaman KACHENJE (Tokyo University of Agriculture); Yasuo OHE (Tokyo University of Agriculture)]

[T1] Revenge Travel Or Travel Avoiding? Chinese Cross-Border Leisure Travel Intentions Post-Pandemic [Lili ZHANG (University of Macao); Glenn James McCARTNEY (University of Macao)]

[T3] Combination Forecasts Of Tourism Demand Using Search Intensity Indices Data: An Ensemble Learning Based Meta Learner  [Huicai GAO (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University); Hengyun LI (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University); Haiyan SONG (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University) ]

[T4] Island Destination Competitiveness: Subjective Well-Being Perspective [Surarak WICHUPANKUL (Prince of Songkla University), Dori DAVARI (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)]

TiP 2. Tourist Behavior [Sukhothai 1]

Commentator: Ignatius Cahyanto (Univ. of Louisiana, USA), Woomi Jo (University of Guelph, Canada)

[T5] The Impact Of Weather And Air Quality On Tourists’ Movement Behavior: Spatial Econometric Analysis [Haejin HWANG (Kyung Hee University); Sangwon PARK (Kyung Hee University)]

[T6] Self-Othering Of Miao Peoples In Ethnic Tourism  [Jianhong ZHOU (Hokkaido University); Johan EDELHEIM (Hokkaido University)]

[T7] Investigating The Factors Influencing Tourists' Participation In Community-Based Recreational Fishing Tourism: An Integrated Application Of The Theory Of Planned Behavior And Elaboration Likelihood Model  [Zhiling XIE (HNU-ASU Joint International Tourism College); Antony King Fung WONG (HNU-ASU Joint International Tourism College)]

[T8] Research And Development Of Community Agricultural Products Souvenirs For Community Tourism [Yu-Ren TAO (National Pingtung University of Science and Technology); Ching-Hsu HUANG (National Pingtung University of Science and Technology) ]

TiP 3. Food & Restaurant Management [Sukhothai 2]

Commetator: Seunghwan (Kongju Nat'l Univ., Korea), Jaeseok Lee (Gangneung-Wonju Nat'l Univ., Korea)

[T9] An Exploratory Study On The Construction Of A Grading System For Green Restaurant Accreditation [Hsuan-Ting CHEN (National Pingtung University of Science and Technology); Ching-Hsu HUANG (National Pingtung University of Science and Technology)]

[T10] The Relationship Between Gastronomy Experience-Scape And Memorable Gastronomy Tourism Experience For Gastronomy Tourism  [Seoyeong CHUNG (Sookmyung Womens University); Eunsook CHOI (Sookmyung Womens University); Jiyoung YOON (Sookmyung Womens University)]

[T11] The Effects Of Training Time Lapse Due To The Covid-19 Pandemic On The Motivation Of Tesda Baking Scholars   [Genia Encomienda-BALAGUER (University of the Philippines); Shirley Villosillo-GUEVARRA (University of the Philippines)]

[T12] The Influence of Brand Experience of Heritage Restaurants on Brand Loyalty - Focusing on Restaurants Selected as Future Heritage in Seoul [Somi LEE (Sookmyung Womens University); KyungHee KIM (Sookmyung Womens University); Jiyoung YOON (Sookmyung Womens University)]

TiP 4. Tourism & Travel 2 [Sukhothai 3]

Commentator: Robert Kiss (I-Shou Univ., Taiwan), Donghee Kim (Sookmyung Women;s Univ., Korea)

[T13] What Are The Differences In Privacy Thoughts Between Travelers And Locals And How Do They Influence Willingness To Use Cbdc? [Kyouongmin LEE (Shandong University); Min-sung KIM (Kyung Hee University); Quixia CHEN (Shandong University); Jin-young KIM (Kyung Hee University)]

[T15] The Impact Of Push And Pull Motivations On Spa Tourism: A Perceived Value Approach To Satisfaction [Kathryn PISANI (California State Polytechnic University); Neha SINGH (California State Polytechnic University)]

[T16] Predicting Continuous Behavioral Intentions Of Plogging: Integrating Vbn, Social Cognitive, And Involvement Theories [Nahyun KWON (Hanyang University); Hakseung SHIN (Hanyang University)]

[T14] Factors Affecting The Efficiency Of Selected Agritourism Farms In The Philippines: Application Of Window Dea Model [Hanna D. Miranda-QUIBOT (Tokyo University of Agriculture); Yasuo OHE (Tokyo University of Agriculture)]

TiP 5. Hospitality & Information Technology (Rhayao 1&2]

Commetator: Kwanglim Seo (Univ. of Hawaii, USA), Namhyun Kim (Dongguk Univ., Korea)

[T17] Study Of Hotel New Employees’ Adaptation Using Socialization Resources Theory: Focusing On Development Of Job Self-Efficacy [Hyoju DAN (Hanyang University); Minho CHO (Hanyang University)]

[T18] Planning Pandemic Weddings Through Facebook Group: A Netnographic Study [Larissa Mae Maranan-MONTANO (University of the Philippines); Mary Delia TOMACRUZ (University of the Philippines)]

[T19] Hospitality Skilling Strategies In The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Developing A Conceptual Framework And A Multi-Dimensional Scale [Jiyoon RYU (Hanyang University); Hakseung SHIN (Hanyang University)]

14:30 ~ 15:00

Poster Session 1 [Auditorium Foyer]


[1] Tea Tourism And Coffee Tourism In Africa: Niche Tourism Avenues For Tourism Recovery [Unathi S HENAMA (Central University of Technology)*; Madiseng PHORI (Tshwane University of Technology); Lebogang Matholwane MATHOLE (Tshwane University of Technology)]

[6] The Impact Of Covid-19 On Hospitality And Tourism Stock Indices [Anastasios ZOPIATIS (Cyprus University of Technology)*; Constantinos PAPADOPOULOS (Cyprus University of Technology)]

[8] How Can Hotels Manage Their Slack Resources To Cope With Crises? [Linda WOO (Hong Kong Polytechnic University); Kwanglim SEO (University of Hawaii)*; Sung Gyun MUN (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)]

[10] A Criteria Model Of Sustainable Food Literacy  In Taiwan [Meng-Lei  HU (Jinwen University of Science and Technology)*]

[11] Evaluation Of The Importance Of Sustainable Culinary Creativity Indicators [Wen-Hwa KO (Fu Jen catholic university)*; Hsin-Ling WANG (Fu Jen Catholic University); Min-Yen LU (Fu Jen Catholic University)]

[42] The Intentions Of Data Sharing And Using Smart Technologies For Smart Tourism: The Impact Of Construal Level Theory [Sun HAO (Wakayama University)*]

[20] Exploring The Factors In Customer Brand Experience Toward A Branded Coffee Chain [Chun-Fang CHIANG (Chinese Culture University)*]

[24] Discover The Best Wine For You: Evidence The Acceptance Of Technology In Vivino With Technology Acceptance Model [Chung-Jen WANG (National Pingtung University of Science and Technology)*; I-Hsiu YANG (National Sun Yat-sen University); Yu-Ren WANG (National Pingtung University of Science and Technology)]

[P1] Effects of Flow Experience on Self-efficacy and Proactive Behavior during Experiential Activities [Chung Min LEE (Hanyang University); Min Ho CHO (Hanyang University)]

[P2] Tuloy Po Kayo (Come In, Please): An Analysis Of The Sustainable Homestay Practices In The Philippines [Eugeene Emmanuel C. BENICTA (Far Eastern University Manila)]

[86] How Resilient Leadership Influences Hotel Service Innovation Performance During The Pandemic [Chih-Ching TENG (Fu Jen Catholic University)*; Ya-Jen CEHNG (Fu Jen Catholic University); Tzu-Hui CHIANG (Fu Jen Catholic University)]

[68] A Study On Chinese Perception Of K-Culture Through Social Media Big Data Analysis [Shan JIANG (Dong-Eui University)*; Seung-Woo (Ryan) CHOO (Dong-Eui University)]

15:00 ~ 16:30

Concurrent Session 1


1.1 Consumer Bheavior/Loding Management  [Auditorium]

Moderator: Young-joo Ahn (Sejong University, Korea)

[13] Is Travel Healing? Evidence From A Longitudinal Study [Michael T.H. LAI (The Macau University of Science and Technology)*; Emmy YEUNG (University of Chester)]

[28] Utilizing The Servicescape To Guide Human-Wildlife Interactions In A Hospitality Setting [Paige E. COPPEDGE (University of Hawaii at Manoa)*; Ingrid LIN (University of Hawaii at Manoa)]

[25] Social Crowding And Extremeness Aversion: The Role Of Construal Level In Tourists’ Decision Making [Xing LIU  (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)*; Lisa WAN (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)]

[40] Understanding Guests’ Awareness And Attitudes Towards Sustainable Hotels [Kuan-Huei LEE (Singapore Institute of Technology)*, Yu Fen CHAN(Singapore Institute of Technology), Kilice Jing Ting NG(Singapore Institute of Technology), Eshane Cai Shang OH(Singapore Institute of Technology), Xin Yi Jacelyn POH(Singapore Institute of Technology), Guan Ling Esther YAP(Singapore Institute of Technology)]

1.2 Consumer Behavior [Sukhothai 1]

Moderator: Jaeseok Lee (Gangneung-Wonju National University, Korea)

[138] Baidu Index Data For Real-Time Tourism Demand Forecasting And Tourists’ Search Behavior Analysis: A Deep Learning Approach [Xinyan ZHANG (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)*; Meng CHENG (Shenzhen Polytechnic)]

[66] Helping Others Or Promoting Myself:  The Effects Of Platform Interactivity On Travelers’ Online Review Generation [Kevin J. ZENG (The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong )*; Haksin Chan (The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong ); Morgan X. Yang (The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong )]

[202] Eco-Friendly Tourism Practices: Willingness To Pay For Locally Grown Food In Support Of A Sustainable Hawai’I [Jerome AGRUSA (University of Hawaii at Manoa)*; Catherine LINNES (Østfold University); Giulio RONZONI(University of Florida); Chassidy SAKAMOTO (University of Hawaii at Manoa)]

[48] Influence of Social Media Travel Photos On Future Destination Choice: Mediating Role of Celebrity-Generated Content [Chi Fai Si TOU (University of Macau )*; Ja Young (Jacey) CHOE (University of Macau); Siu-Ian SO (University of Macau ); Rob LAW (University of Macau)]

1.3 Destination Management [Sukhothai 2]

Moderator: Bruce Prideaux (Central Queensland University, Australia)

[14] Defining Hospitality In Tibetan Culture - The Case In Tibet [Xiaohai ZHAN (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)*]

[26] Forecasting Of International Tourists Visiting Taiwan For Leisure [Yi Hui LIANG (I-Shou University)*]

[52] Leadership Role In Rural Revitalization And Sustainable Tourism [Grace K. S. HO (I-Shou University)*; Ching Tsu HSUEH (National Open University)]

[69] Text Review Analysis Of Passengers’ Perception Of Airport Image And Service Concept: The Case Of Incheon International Airport  [Won Ji Chung (Hanyang University)*; Chul JEONG (Hanyang University)]

1.4 Information Technology/Lodging Management [Sukhothai 3]

Moderator: Taehwan Yoon (Dong-Eui University, Korea)

[16] Blockchain Technology For A Traceable Food Supply Chain In Restaurant Industry [Yueming GUO (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)*; Fei HAO (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University); Kaye CHON (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)]

[57] Tourists’ Value Co-Creation With Service Robots [Vera Shanshan LIN (Zhejiang University); Xinyi ZHANG (Zhejiang University)*; Yuting REN (Zhejiang University); Sabrina HUANG (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University); Honggen XIAO (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)]

[135] Effect Of Smart Technology Attributes To Hotel Employee Behavioral Intention Via Perceived Usefulness: The Moderating Role Of Perceived Risk [Pimtong TAVITIYAMAN (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)*; Xinyan ZHANG (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University); Bill XU(The Hong Kong Polytechnic University); Bruce TSUI (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)]

[152] Analysis Of Sociao-Spatial Interactions In Activity Space Between Visitors And Residents  [Yingqi YUAN (Kyung Hee University); Sangwon PARK (Kyung Hee University)*]

1.5 Tourism Marketing [Rhayao 1&2]

Moderator: Mike Peters (University of Innsbruck, Austria)

[37] Emotional Dynamics Of Virtual Reality Tourism Experience [Shanshi LI (Xiamen University)*; Danni ZHENG (Fudan University); Jueying ZHAN (Guangdong University of Technology)]

[45] The Influence Of A Music Video On International Tourists’ Motivations And Intention To Visit Thailand: An Application Of The Push And Pull Motivation Theory On Music Video–Induced Tourism [Patcharawan WONGSA (Sookmyung Women's University)*; Donghee KIM (Sookmyung Women's University)]

[58] The Influences Of Place Beverage Branding (Pbb) On Destination Competitive Advantages Through Pbb’S Attractiveness [Xingyu HAN (Macau University of Science and Technology)*; Jose Weng Chou WONG (Macau University of Science and Technology)]

[63] Does Travel Personality Really Affect Travel Behavior? [Bill XU (The Hong Kong Poly U); Chui Sze AU (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University )*]

14:30 ~ 15:00

Poster Session 2 [Auditorium Foyer]


[29] Exploring The Relationship Between Personalization And Consumer Preference [Xiaoyan LUO (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)*; Lisa WAN (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)]

[33] The Implementation And Hurdles Of Big Data In Sustainable Marketing For Restaurant Enterprises [Sheng-Fang CHOU (Ming Chuan University)*; Jeou-Shyan HORNG  (JinWen University of Science & Technology); Chih-Hsing LIU (National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology); Tai-Yi  YU (Ming Chuan University); Kuo-Wei CHEN (Ming Chuan University)]

[39] Role Of Digital Technology And Repeat Tourists In Tanzania [Yuslida John KABUJANJA (The University of Dodoma)*]

[49] Understanding The Interactions Of Pilgrimage Motivations: Sacred Versus Secular [Chien-Pang LIN (Chang Jung Christian University)*; Chimei WU (Fu Jen Catholic University); Chin-Shui LO (Chang Jung Christian University); Chia-Ching LIN (Chang Jung Christian University)]

[50] Embracing Outdoor Recreation In The Post-Covid Era:  The Overlooked Potential Of Picnics [Jie CAO (Macau University of Science and Technology)*; Jing LIU (Macau University of Science and Technology); Fu-Chieh HSU (National United University)]

[51] Establishing A Risk Priority In Franchise Restaurants: Focusing On Applying Fuzzy-Fmea [Jiyoung YOON (Sookmyung Women's University)*; Sooyeon LEE (University of Nevada); Las Vegas); Hyobeen AN (Sookmyung Women's University)]

[56] Explore The Development Strategy Of The Night-Economy An Empirical Study Of Xiamen City [Ting ZHU (Macau University of Science and Technology)*; Shan-Lin HUANG (Sanming University); Yunhan WANG (Macau University of Science and Technology)]

[146] Front-Line Employee’S Behavioral Response To Customer Incivility Affecting Their Service Performance On Selected Fast-Food Restaurants In Metro, Manila [Edgar Allan MENDOZA (University of the Philippines)*; Tre’Jan Frederick G. LANIER (Polytechnic University of the Philippines); Gabrielle R. SANCHEZ (Polytechnic University of the Philippines); Dexter A. RECTO (Polytechnic University of the Philippines); Daryl Ace CORNELL (Polytechnic University of the Philippines)]

[P3] BBQ At The Campsite, Is It Really Safe? Investigation Of Food And Beverage Use And Compliance With Hygiene And Safety During Camping [Won Wi MOON (Yonsei University); Sunny HAM (Yonsei University)]

[89] How Resilient Leadership Affects Hotel Employees’ Calling And Task Cohesion During Covid-19 [Chih-Ching TENG (Fu Jen Catholic University)*; Ching Man LI (Fu Jen Catholic University); Ya-Jen CHENG (Fu Jen Catholic University)]

[85] Revisiting Managerial Competencies Of Hotel Managers After Covid-19: A Systematic Review [Chueh CHIH (National Taiwan Normal University); Chih-Ching TENG (Fu Jen Catholic University)*; Ching LI (National Taiwan Normal University)]

17:00 ~ 18:30

APTA Graduate Panel Session [Auditorium]

19:30 ~ 

Welcome Reception

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